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A venture fund driven by the insights of physicians and leading institutions.

PhyCap is an early-stage Health Tech fund exclusively anchored by physicians and leading institutions.

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Our vision

An entrepreneurial ecosystem focused on bridging the gap between tech innovators and those on the healthcare frontline.

PhyCap is run by a small team of experienced operators and investors who leverage a larger network. Our unparalleled Health Tech network composed of medical professionals, industry leaders, and institutions serves as the driving force behind our mission.

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Creating the connected environment needed to scale transformative technologies.

From 0-->1 and beyond, our network of physicians and institutions is a ready-made market. Portfolio companies can tap into a robust network of potential customers, accelerating go-to-market strategies.


Currently accepting applications from accredited investors passionate about accelerating healthcare innovation.

Your investment goes further with PhyCap. Make a return and drive a new standard of healthcare innovation.

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